How to make money promoting Amazon offers?

How to make money promoting Amazon offers?
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Following this simple writing template for product-based keywords will make all the difference in your results. You’ll know exactly what to write about every time if you follow these steps.

This isn’t the ONLY template that works for Amazon Associates but this template is meant to work with this particular strategy. Once you see some success you can develop your own template and test different outlines.

There are 4 key elements to this writing strategy:

1. Find 3 long-tail keywords related to your main keyword (don’t worry, I’m going to show you how).

Purpose: The additional long tail variations of your keyword give you an outline to follow, keep you focused, and improve your chances for more traffic.

2. Include a personal connection to the product in the keyword

Purpose: Describing a personal connection to the topic brings you and the reader together on common ground.

3. Write as if you’re talking to a friend or family member

Purpose: Writing as you were addressing a friend or family member makes the “voice” in your writing easier to read.

4. Add a call to action

Purpose: Finally, the call to action encourages your reader to take the next step and click your affiliate links – the critical stepping stone to more affiliate commissions.

Yes, you were done finding keywords to target but now you want to find three long tail keywords that are DIRECTLY related to the keyword you’re going to write about because that will tell you WHAT to write.

At the moment you have one keyword like “over the sink cutting board” but now you’ve got a blank piece of paper and you’ve got to write something about that keyword. That’s a recipe for a stressful case of writer’s block.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew what your reader might want to know about “over the sink cutting boards” before you got started writing?

That’s what this next step is going to do for you – it’s going to tell you what to write about for your keyword (which, by the way, also gives you more long tail keywords to target for more traffic!).

Remember when you had to write papers for school and the teacher made you come up with an outline first?

There’s a reason they did that to us. It gave us something to follow and following a map is always better than trying to find your way in the dark without any map or compass.

Here’s the outline for your content:

1. Opening – introduce the topic and include your personal connection
2. Subsection 1 using Long Tail variation 1
3. Subsection 2 using Long Tail variation 2
4. Subsection 3 using Long Tail variation 3
5. Closing with Call to Action

Finding the Three Long Tail Phrases

Finding the three related, long tail keyword phrases to use in your writing is very easy. The Google Keyword Planner is all you need.
To find them:

1. Log into Google Adwords

2. Click Tools and Analysis and select Keyword Planner

3. Click Search for new keyword and ad group ideas

4. Enter your target keyword in the box marked Enter one or more of the following: Your product or service

5. Scroll down to the Include/Exclude box and click on it to open it up

6. In the “Only include keywords containing the following terms” box enter ENOUGH of your target keyword to make sure the results are going to be very closely related.

a. Example: for “over the sink cutting board” I’d enter only “sink cutting board”. I know all the phrases that are going to be returned will include the words “sink”, “cutting”, and “board” so they’re going to be very closely related to my ideal keyword. Including the words “over” and “the” might limit my results too much. Someone might use another phrase for the word “over” and I’d miss those and some people are going to skip short words like “the” in their searches.

7. Click outside the box to close the Include/Exclude options

8. Click the Get Ideas button

9. Click on the Keyword Ideas tab rather than staying on the Ad Group Ideas tab

10. Click the heading for the Avg. Monthly Searches column to sort the results in order from highest to lowest average search volume.

11. Scan down the list of results looking for the first 3 phrases that mean the same thing as your ideal keyword but include an additional adjective or descriptive word.

a. Example: for “over the sink cutting board” I found:
i. over the sink cutting board with colander
1. There was also “over the sink cutting board with strainer” but since strainer and colander can mean the same thing I chose to use only the keyword that had the higher search volume)
ii. bamboo over the sink cutting board
iii. sink cover cutting board

NOTE: The search volume and the SEO competition for your 3 related keywords don’t matter. These related keywords for your subtitles do not have to meet the 6 & 6 criteria. That is only for your main keyword. You only need to make sure your 3 related keywords are very closely related to your target keyword.

Cleaning Up the Subtitles

If any of your three long tail phrases include all the words in your main keyword in the same exact order then you’ll want to mix up the order a bit before using them as your subsection titles. Using your exact keyword too many times in your content can be viewed by Google as “keyword stuffing” and could harm your rankings.

In the “over the sink cutting board” example, here were the three long tail keywords I decided to use in my content. You can see where two of them include my exact keyword phrase “over the sink cutting board”:

1. over the sink cutting board with colander

2. bamboo over the sink cutting board

3. sink cover cutting board

I need to mix those phrases up a bit so I’m going to turn them into the following for my outline:

1. Sink-top Cutting Board with Built In Colander
2. Bamboo Cutting Board that Sits Over the Kitchen Sink
3. Sink Cover Cutting Board

Our outline now looks like this:

1. Opening – introduce the topic and include your personal connection
2. Sink-top Cutting Board with Built In Colander
3. Bamboo Cutting Board that Sits Over the Kitchen Sink
4. Sink Cover Cutting Board
5. Closing with Call to Action

Can you see how WHAT you need to write about in your content becomes clearer? It’s easier to write when you have an outline to follow and subject matter for each of the items in the outline.

Find Three Products on Amazon

Now that you have your three subtitles you can find the three products on Amazon that you want to include in your content. Find one product on Amazon that matches each of your three long tail keyword subtitles.

For the cutting board example I found one that had a built in colander, one that was made of bamboo, and one that acted more like a cover over the entire sink.

While working through the writing piece in the next steps you can refer back to your product for details and features to include in your writing. You’ll want to leave those pages up in Amazon so you can grab the affiliate links later or bookmark them so you don’t lose track of which product you want to include in your post when you get to the module on posting the content online.

Here it comes – Writing the Content!

You’ve got your target keyword.

You’ve got the outline laid out with your three related, long tail phrases.

Now, all you need to do is fill the outline with content.

Let’s walk through an example by finishing up the content for “over the sink cutting board”.

Below, I’ve followed the outline and filled in content for each section.

I. Opening – introduce the topic and include your personal connection

The best kitchen gadget I’ve bought in ages is an over the sink cutting board. [Putting my main keyword in the opening sentence] As the holidays approach I’ve been thinking that I’d get one for each of my siblings. Let me show you the three I liked best and why I chose the one I did.

Before I do that, let me just paint a picture for you. It’s one that I’m sure you’ve run into before, too. [Setting up my personal connection to the subject]

I was making salsa for a get together with my in laws a few weekends ago. I’ve had this one cutting board that we got as a present from our homebuilder when we moved in (which I thought was a pretty ingenious present). It’s made out of the same material as our kitchen countertop so it all matches.

Even though it has a little groove around the edge to catch drips and seeds it never catches much at all – especially when cutting tomatoes or watermelon.

So, I’m standing there cutting up the tomatoes, juice running off the board and starting to chart a course to the edge of the counter where Rocky, the family Chihuahua, is impatiently waiting to catch what he knows is headed his way when my sixteen year old son walks by and says “You know, Mom, you should get that kind that fits over the sink like Grandma has.”

Sometimes I’m really slow to catch on. My own mother has used this style for years but it never dawned on me to try one because I had this gift from my home builder. (Yes, I win the slow-to-catch-on award but, then again, my children are used to that from me.)

Now, on to the three styles that I think are the best.

II. Sink-top Cutting Board with Built In Colander

There are some vegetables and fruits that you need to rinse after you slice and dice and there are some that are really juicy and leave a big mess while you’re cutting them.

Using a sink-top cutting board that has a colander built in is best in those situations. You can flip your peels or cores aside – even into the sink itself – and then put your cut pieces in the attached strainer to let the juice run off while you’re working.

Make sure that the one you buy has a removable strainer because it will be easier to clean BUT you want to make sure that colander fits really well during use, doesn’t slip around a lot, and is big enough to hold the amount you normally cut up at one time. It’s a pain to have to pull out the colander and dump the contents into yet another bowl.

I found this one model that works for most sink sizes, has great ratings, seems very solid and of a good size. Click here to see the best price on this model – sink-top colander cutting board. [affiliate link to product on Amazon]

III. Bamboo Cutting Board that Sits Over the Kitchen Sink

My mother swears by bamboo for cutting boards. My dad picked up a cheap set he found on one of those deal sites for her and she’s used nothing but ever since – this includes the one that fits over her sink.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly choice because it grows fast which means we’re not harming a natural resource as much as we would be if we used a wood cutting board but it’s also easy to clean, self-healing, and won’t do as much damage to your knife as some other materials.

Personally, the best bamboo cutting board that fits over the kitchen sink is the [name the model here]. It’s large enough to cover even a double sink and has a corner opening so you can push your rinds and cores into the sink for disposal later. If you’re going to get this one make sure you use this link [affiliate link to product on Amazon] because it leads to the lowest priced listing I found on Amazon.

IV. Sink Cover Cutting Board

The one challenge I faced finding the perfect cutting board was the size and shape of my sink. I have one of those double sinks with a seamless edge and no lip. It’s a very wide opening to cover so I had to carefully check the measurements of each option to make sure it would span the entire opening.

I found one that was both long enough to cover both sinks but also wide enough to cover almost the full width. It’s got a very generous work space and since I can swing my faucet to the side I won’t be hampered by anything sitting above me hands as I work.

If you’ve got a similar set up, I think you’ll find the [name model here] is just the solution for you. You can get the dimensions here: check dimensions and price. [affiliate link to product on Amazon]

V. Closing with Call to Action

I’ll have mine in time to be a great help during Thanksgiving preparation. We’re entertaining family at our house this year and I like to do fresh veggies and fruits as appetizers while we’re waiting for the turkey to be done. It’s also going to get a lot of use next summer with all the watermelon we devour.

No more drips running off the counter! I can’t wait. Check out one of the three over the sink cutting boards I researched above and let me know what you think! [Final call to action]