Reportedly cursed locations in Romania. Stories that have terrified people

Reportedly cursed locations in Romania. Stories that have terrified people

When some of our locals claim to have experienced happenings that defy reason, people fall into two camps: those who think that paranormal phenomena only exist in the imagination of narrators and those who are convinced that these phenomena do exist. Whether they are fiction or not, they say something really important about the world we live in.

Romania, like any other country, has its own stories about demons, vampires, poltergeist, vengeful ghosts and other creatures that populate castles and ruined cities, abandoned mansions (houses) and desolate places. Of course, sometimes one can find logical explanations for some haunting cases, but when science cannot provide all the answers and explanations, here comes the paranormal to help people understand some things that apparently seem meaningless, according to

Not a few are Romanian areas where it’s said that paranormal defeats reality, giving birth, since immemorial times, to legends, mysteries and incredible stories.

Gabroveni Street. A derelict and abandoned hotel; a former brothel. It’s believed that decades ago, here were murdered three women, and their spirits still haunt the place.

Franzeza Street (French Street) is also full of similar stories. People say there was an orphanage where more than 200 children died after they had been kept without food and water. The owner of the house, Stavrache Hagi-Orman, appropriated the food for himself and even seemed to enjoy their agonizing cries. Children were screaming for water, and their scream seems to be heard even today, after the nightfall, behind closed shutters for decades.

Another mysterious area of Bucharest is located on Elizabeth Avenue. It’s one of the largest streets in Bucharest. Hotel Cismigiu was built in 1921, but since 1990 the hotel was given in the care of the authorities, being left in ruins. Eventually, the building was converted into hostel for students. Legend has it that a tragedy took place here. A young student has fallen into the elevator shaft. She died there, after three hours she desperately cried for help, with no one to hear her. People say that her spirit has haunted the corridors for a long time.

It’s a tragedy that actor Cristian Iacob sadly remembers, as he was one of the students living in the hostel at the time. The deplorable conditions, but also the mentioned tragedy made him write the lyrics the band “Vama Veche” used in the famous song “Hotel Cismigiu”.

There are many legends today, about the restless spirits of the workers who died in suspicious circumstances during construction work at the People’s House. Night guards of the institution talk about the mysterious appearance, several years ago, of some ghosts wandering the large corridors at night, whistling, breaking seals and triggering the alarm. “Anca” is one of them. According to reports, the ghost is a 20-year-old young girl, in a summer dress with floral design; she is only showing to uniformed staff, asking for help.

Bucharest is not the only city with places where it’s said that spirits of missing people are haunting between two worlds, seeking for tranquility.

Located between villages Sarca and Lingani, in Iasi county, Lungani Hill is known in the region for all the mysterious sightings that greet travelers.

According to locals, here were buried many soldiers who died during the World War I; they were buried in a mass grave and without funeral ceremony. Today, their souls are still looking for peace and tranquility.

People from Dambovita, who have lost relatives in terrible accidents on National Road 7, near Gaesti, say it’s a curse. According to locals, the curse of the place started more than 40 years ago; it’s been reported that a bride died here, on the wedding day. Since then, it seems, her spirit haunts the place in search of her lost husband.

Legend has it that a bride in search of her groom causes a series of unexplained accidents in Rodovan forest, Dolj county. Although the forest road is straight, many young people lost their lives, killed by the ghost bride from Radovan. Locals say that the ghost of a young girl wearing a wedding dress comes out from the crops and scares the drivers.

But bizarre sightings of some restless spirits are not the only ones that generate an aura of mystery over some places in Romania.

The Black Sea is also surrounded by a lot of events that defy logic. According to various researchers, Noah’s flood produced here. Various strange phenomena also occur, recalling the terrible Bermuda Triangle.

Several unexplained disappearances, UFOs (Unidentified flying objects) coming from below, plus some magnetic anomalies measured scientifically, all point to the Black Sea as an area that deserves to be thoroughly explored. Reportedly all those strange phenomena occur near Snake Island, 45 kilometers northeast from Sulina, in the area suggestively named “the Whirlpool of Death” (or “The Triangle of Death”, or “the Devil’s Triangle).

NASA researchers reached to the conclusion that in the Black Sea there is a surface of about 8-10 kilometers – relatively triangular, in which magnetic anomalies are manifested. The area has been described by scientists as “a gateway to another world”.

In Soviet times, such phenomena were very well guarded secrets, state secrets, but with the opening of archives and ultra-secret files, the first information about the disappearance of battleships in the Black Sea came out to light. An episode impossible to explain happened in 1991, when a military oil extraction platform has disappeared with the 80 people who were on board. After a year of searching, the military platform was found 50 kilometers away from the initial place, floating in drift, with no life trace on board and with no clue to elucidate the mystery of the technical crew’s disappearance.

Today, Russian scientists allege that these magnetic anomalies in the Black Sea have a troubling frequency and the Ukrainian army carefully studies this magnetic fault that seems to be moving slowly, from their area, towards the Romanian territorial waters.

However, by far the most mysterious place in Romania is found in the heart of Transylvania. Hoia-Baciu Forest, located a few kilometers from Cluj county, began to be considered, for a while now, a kind of “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”. The paranormal phenomena encountered here are obviously clear and undisputed even by the most skeptical scientists. Since ancient times, the locals around the forest have noticed from their own experience that something strange is happening to them or around them: unexplained physical sensations, sighting of lights with various shapes and colors, strange shadows, human voices and faces. Perceived as a gateway between worlds, Baciu Forest has long remained taboo, people fearing to tread its “threshold” or talk about it, considering it a place haunted by evil spirits.

Researcher Adrian Pătruț, PhD in Chemistry and President of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology, has dedicated much of his life to researching strange phenomena in Baciu forest, being now one of the most authorized voices on the subject. After 30 years of research, the professor claims that the wide spectrum of paranormal phenomena encountered in Baciu Forest does not allow their inclusion in one single chapter of paranormal phenomenology. Material and immaterial structures in various forms and shapes that appear in front of curious onlookers, in the dead of night or in broad daylight, electromagnetic field fluctuations, infrasound emissions or unusual marks that appear on the ground are only a part of the “show” that the forest generously offers to the traveler (more or less circumspect). People accidentally passing through certain areas of the forest (considered by insiders as real crossing gates to other worlds), complain of skin burns, anxiety, fainting, excessive thirst, irritation, headaches. The plants are also affected by the mysteries of the forest, as vegetation shows, in places, forms of dehydration, burns and necrosis of stems and leaves.

Perhaps no matter how advanced scientific research will be, there will always be some cracks into the real, penetrated by information that will contradict reason. Maybe these gray areas, where fantasy can hide, are required to satisfy a deep human need: the need of a miracle.