Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

When you create any sort of content on the web, you want people to view it. That means it has to rank highly on the most popular search engines to ensure anyone searching for what you offer will find it quickly and easily. Implementing search engine optimization techniques is an easy way to build up your visitor numbers. The following tips and tricks should help you get started.

A site map allows a search engine to easily navigate your website. That means the search engine spider will crawl every page without missing any. It also tells the search engine about the pages you have, allowing it to determine which would be the best for the people who search for it. Including a site map is a great way to ensure your target keywords are being linked to your pages, too.

Deep linking to pages within your site helps to draw people into the heart of your content. It also ensures that the content you provide is being correctly listed by the search engines. This is because you can specific the text used to link to the page, meaning your keywords will be clear to the search engine. That also ensures that people who search for the content get exactly what they want to find the second they click the link.

Certain technologies make it hard for search engines to truly crawl your site. These include Flash, frames, iframes and javascript. Try to keep as much of your website in text and HTML as possible. Spiders can’t view your graphics or see your Flash animations, so they won’t be able to use those parts of your site to categorize it correctly.

If you do have graphics on your site with text on them, include the text in the alt tag. If you have a video, include a transcription of the audio below it. You can include information in the Flash tags as well. This will all be crawlable by the search engine spider.

Don’t forget to use your keywords in all of the tags on your site. That includes title, img alt tags and headers. You don’t want to overdo it and make your site appear to be built by a keyword-spamming robot, but you do want to include those keywords and phrases as frequently as possible. Your content should be on topic, so they shouldn’t appear out of place.

You have to monitor the keywords you are using and how effective they are. It is possible that people stop using certain search terms due to changes in technology, terminology or current events. Constantly reevaluate the keywords and phrases you use to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to keep track of how your site is doing. You can watch as your search engine referrals go up and see which keywords are the most effective. They have many other tools as well, such as keyword searches, which can help you better your SEO techniques.

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Search engine optimization is the best way to get your site noticed. If you engage in it correctly, you will see your visitor numbers skyrocket. These tips will get you started, so use them today to improve your site’s statistics.