Underground cities, Agharta, Shambhala, Posid, Shonshe, Rama, Shingwa, Telos, Dacos

Underground cities, Agharta, Shambhala, Posid, Shonshe, Rama, Shingwa, Telos, Dacos

It is said that 2,300 miles beyond the North Pole there is an entrance to the center of Earth. According to Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the first man to fly over the North Pole, there lives a much more evolved human civilization. Those who inhabited the Earth have moved in the underground 100,000 years ago. A war that took place during that time destroyed the Earth’s surface and created desserts.

The secret of the underground city of Agartha. Virgil Armstrong, former CIA agent, describes the fascinating world beneath us: immortal people, controlled atmosphere, traveling at speeds of 3,000 miles / hour, Atlanteans and Lemurians and flying saucers, whose goal was to fly over the earthlings.

A recent photo of the North Pole, captured by one of the many circumterrestrial satellites and currently in the custody of NASA, has revived the interest of geophysicists and not only. In this image, in the North Magnetic Pole, an area which is not covered by glacier ice, as would have been normal, can be seen easily. Within a radius of about 300 km (which is similar to the size of Romania), we can see soil – a quite fertile soil.

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The photo – if it’s not a cosmic “mirage” – would be enough to make a scholar go mad. And this, because even an elementary school student know that under the ice cap at the North Pole is nothing but water, fact confirmed also by submarine routes, as submarines often pass through the area. So what that “land” stain in the heart of Arctic ice might be, the people from NASA wandered. To solve the mystery, they ordered the satellite to capture a new image, this time taken after another circumterrestrial rotation and from a different angle. Once again, the stain emerged next to the North Magnetic Pole.

The first thought was that it is a magnetic phenomenon, that there could be an atmospheric disturbance due to this field. But that assumption was shattered by NASA researchers on electromagnetic fields: “The best known effect, the aurora borealis effect, manifests itself in a totally different way and the play of celestial lights is captured in a different way on a satellite photo. “That stain certainly was on the ground and not in the air”, said Robert Fishermann, head of the Laboratory for the Study of the Earth’s Magnetic Field.

The “Halley” hypothesis. As expected, the image has brought to light a series of strange theories. The first theory to breakthrough was the “Halley hypothesis”. The author of this hypothesis, Edmond Halley, is best known for computing the orbit of the eponymous Halley’s Comet. According to the hypothesis, in the North Pole and South Pole regions, there are number of different locations for the entrances which lead inside the Earth. Moreover, according to the same hypothesis, the Earth would be hollow and a new human civilization might develop here, a superior civilization.

The “Byrd” version. But geophysicists seemed to be more interested in another version, whose roots are dating back to 1926. Specifically, in May of that year, Admiral Richard E. Byrd became the first man to fly over the North Pole. In an 1947 interview, Byrd said at 2,300 miles beyond the North Pole he found an area with very warm climate, vegetation, mountains, lakes and rivers. Byrd, a famous explorer, above all suspicions, has very accurately noted in his diary about what they encountered in this area: “People living here communicate telepathically. In fact, they do not live on the surface. Several miles below ground there is a large city with millions of inhabitants, which is called Agartha.

“There are several underground cities in many parts of the globe, but Agartha is the most important of them.” Byrd wrote in his secret diary.

A former CIA agent confirms. These files from the explorer’s diary were made public by Virgil Armstrong, former CIA agent. Armstrong says Byrd lived in Agartha for about a month and that he describes the underground civilization as a “superior civilization”. The former CIA added that immediately after the discovery of Byrd’s diary, the files about Agartha were declared a professional secret and US military bases were established at the entrance to the underground city, to prevent intruders from entering. Armstrong also revealed that the government of the United States has established relationships with the Great Council of Agartha. Moreover, he revealed that flying saucers occurring in the skies of the planet are vehicles of residents of the underground world and some of their manufacturing technology was revealed to the Pentagon, “the invisible plain being a consequence of these advanced knowledge”.

Byrd received the US Government’s gratitude. Admiral Richard E. Byrd was born on October 25, 1888 in Winchester, Virginia. He learned to fly airplanes between 1916 and 1917, in Pensacola. In May 1926 he became the first man to fly over the North Pole, and in November 1929, the first man to fly over the South Pole. From 1928 to 1955 he has made 11 geographic expeditions to the poles. He departed to the North Pole on February 19, 1947, to capture images of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Byrd returned on 11 March 1947 and described the “Earth from beyond the Pole – Agartha”. Coincidentally, Admiral Richard E. Byrd died exactly 10 years later, on March 11, 1957. In 1950 he was promoted to the rank of admiral and in 1952 was awarded the Medal of Honor from the US Government. Also, one of the US Navy cruisers was named after him. So Byrd was by no means a madman who had hallucinations at the North Pole.

The secret of immortality. Agent Armstrong revealed several other elements of Byrd’s diary: “The admiral describes extensively and in great detail that underground cities are inhabited by thousand-year old people with delicate features, but age doesn’t mark features. People of Agartha know the secret of immortality. Once they feel they have lived long enough, they are the ones who choose when to withdraw from life. Their women only give birth once or twice and during their lifetime and gestation lasts only three months. They give birth in temples, in special water pools. Mothers do not experience pain in childbirth.”

The Atlanto-Lemurian war. Byrd’s diary about Agartha is not the only book that mentions about the underground cities. There have been many testimonies about the life hidden in the Earth’s mantle over time. There are also other documents, engravings and even very old sculptures depicting Agartha. It is said that there are about 100 underground cities across the globe, of which the largest is Agartha. The underground world is known as Shamballa. The inhabitants of this world, according to the documents, left the surface world 100,000 years ago, after the calamitous war between the Atlanteans and Lemurians, two great civilizations that ruled the Earth. It seems that war has been described in two great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Following the war, due to powerful weapons that have been used, desert regions have emerged, such as Sahara, Gobi, wilderness areas in Australia and the US, where the urban agglomerations of Atlanteans and Lemurians. The surface atmosphere was unbreathable, so conflict survivors retreated underground. According to these theories, people from the surface are descendants of those who refused to retreat into underground cities and who became savage.

The underground cities. Here are the most powerful underground cities, according to secret documents: POSID – the first refuge of the Atlanteans, with an entrance in Matto-Grosso, with a population of 1.3 million people; SHONSHE – the refuge of the Uyghurs (a branch of Lemurians), entrance in the Himalayas, 3.5 million inhabitants; RAMA – near Jaipur, India, 1 million inhabitants; SHINGWA – on the border between China and Mongolia, with 1.5 million inhabitants; TELOS – near Mount Lassen, California, with 1.5 million inhabitants, DACOS – in Bucegi Mountains, with 750,000 inhabitants.

A comprehensive article about Bucegi Mountains and oddities reported in the area was published:

“Busteni. Mountain peeks caress the clouds. Heroes’ Cross on Caraiman Peak pokes the sky proudly. There’s nothing that could foreshadow that the secular peace of the nature could be disturbed by unusual events. But Traian Trufin knows that it’s only apparent. Here he lived most strange happenings.

He is convinced that there is another world beneath our Carpathians. Bucegi Mountains are considered by specialists a very powerful energetic point. Certain assumptions have been issued on the existence of underground galleries; dowsing tests were carried out. Research has shown that this area is energy loaded more than any other area of Romania. Traian Trufin, conservative museum curator at the Museum “Cezar Petrescu” in Busteni, journalist and researcher of strange phenomena he witnessed, tried to find some explanation.”

“In 1993, for two weeks in the south of the city, people had insomnia, regardless of their age. I thought there are noxious emanations from the paper mill. But no way. The strange thing was that although people haven’t been sleeping, they didn’t feel tired at all. This was confirmed to me by at least 20 people”, the curator says. Some locals had been experiencing an affective state of euphoria. These events were taking place only at night. After they have frightened the whole city, they stopped as suddenly as they had occurred.”

“Then the earthquakes began. Paradoxically, they could not be located in Bucegi nor had any connection with the Vrancea seismic source. The earthquakes began in 1994 and lasted three years”. They were occurring at fixed intervals: at 8 pm and 3 am. Every day, invariably. But they were not common earthquakes. They were manifested differently. They had a reduced area: Azuga – Busteni – Sinaia. Sometimes, just a neighborhood in Busteni. A roar could be heard from the ground, as the ceiling of a grotto would have collapsed beneath your feet. There were no horizontal nor vertical movements”, Traian says. He counted over 100 such seismic movements.”

“I had some ham radio headphones, who received a radio program. But I noticed that only in Busteni. Leaving the city and heading to Bucharest or Brasov, I stopped receiving radio signals. I think there is a powerful energy field that amplifies radio signals in the area”, said Traian. He also noted other strange phenomena. Strange aureolas and even holograms often occur around the Heroes’ Cross on Caraiman Peak.

“Traian believes that all anomalies occurred in Busteni are caused by the existence of underground galleries in the bowels of the mountains. These huge underground tunnels are artificial and were dug by unearthly civilizations. This is where the experiences are taking place and the hot spot is near the Heroes’ Cross on Caraiman Peak. This explains the thunder accompanying the earthquakes. Or receiving radio waves emitted not from the ether, but from these corridors. Who produces those strange amplifications, for what purpose, to whom are addressed those bizarre radio communications, are questions that Traian can’t answer. “My belief is that there is an underground world.  Aliens know everything about the surface world. Their informational spectrum is very wide. But I don’t know what activity are they performing and why they don’t want to communicate with us. Probably because humanity is not yet ready to understand some things”, concludes the geologist. He hopes that the phenomena will increase and eventually become a way of communication between the two civilizations. Anyway, this way more than the lack of a satisfactory explanation the scientists have offered us by now.

“Visionary Valentina, the blind woman from Iasi who can make a diagnosis by phone, claims to have been discovered, through her own methods, that a major stream of energy, equal to that fueling the Giza pyramid complex, also bathes also our Bucegi Sphinx. And its undiscovered underground communicates with Egypt pyramids. “There is the past of mankind. Not the humanity two thousand years ago, but the humanity from long time ago. The Bucegi Sphinx is the protector of the earth we live in. In fact, a powerful stream of energy comes in Bucegi, surrounding the Sphinx. When somebody will reach beneath the Bucegi Mountains, he or she will find these writings and significant documents and he or she will know what to do. But this will happen only when the energy stream surrounding the Sphinx will decrease”, says the clairvoyant, who had never been in Bucegi before.”

Cities are located at depths ranging between 1.5 and 2 miles beneath Earth’s surface. What Armstrong said: “Atlanteans communicate telepathically and Lemurians speak a language – Maru – which is the common root of Sanskrit and Hebrew. Now the two civilizations are living in peace and harmony. They are ruled by a Supreme Council composed of 12 people, 6 men and 6 women. Cities are artificially lit and have a controlled atmosphere, more pure than at the surface. Urban agglomerations are structured on several levels. Underground inhabitants are moving between cities using floating high-speed vehicles (about 3,000 mph)”. What is true and what is not, it remains to be seen. Scientists believe that the satellite photo would be a first step in finding the truth.